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Guide to Bails

Bails are jewellery findings that is used to attach a pendant or gemstone to the jewellery piece, usually used in necklaces.

All bails have a loop that slides onto a chain or cord. Different bails are used to attach to different kinds of pendants.

Below are a description of the various types of bails.

Glue on bails

These bails are glued on to the pendant using a suitable adhesive. These bails are used when the pendant has no loop or hole.

Pinch bails

This bail is used with a pendant with a hole near the edge. It has two prongs that you put through the hole, the prongs can then be closed. This secures the bail to the pendant.

Snap on bails / Folding bails

These bails clips on to the pendant.

Donut bails

Donut bails are designed for donut beads (beads shaped like a donut).
Donut bails have a big loop that will fit through the centre of donut beads. The bail can be attached to a necklace.

Pin and hole bails

With this one you push the pin through the pendant and bail hole before closing the pin.
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