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Metal beads are beads made from metals.

Many metals and metal alloys are used to make metal beads, popular metals include: copper, brass, silver, gold.

Metal is relatively easy to mould once heated, this allows metal beads to have a vast range of different shapes and finishes. In terms of different shapes, metal beads are only surpassed by acrylic beads.

shopMetal beads

Below are some examples of metal beads.

shopCopper beads

Copper is special, it is one of only four metals with a natural colour that is not grey or silver.

Gold is the only other metal that is used in jewellery making, that is not grey or silver.

Copper is similar in property to silver in that it does not react with water but it does tarnish by slowly reacting with oxygen to form a layer of brown-black copper oxide. It is possible to remove this layer of tarnish using various techniques.

Due to copper being relatively abundant, it is less expensive than silver and far less expensive than gold. Affordability, attractive colouring and chemical stability makes copper a popular material for making beads.

shopGold colour bead

These beads are made from a metal alloy and coated with a layer of colour to make the beads look golden. This gives your jewellery designs the golden feel without the expense of using gold beads.

shopSilver plated beads

These beads are made from a metal alloy and plated with silver. These beads are an affordable way of creating jewellery designs in silver without the expense of using silver beads.

shopSilver colour bead

These beads are made from a metal alloy and coated with a layer of colour to make the beads look silver. Affordable beads for your jewellery designs.

shopMetal Beads - Tubes

These beads are tube shaped and made from metal alloys.

shopTibetan style beads

The designs of these beads are inspired by traditional Tibetan buddhist beads. Tibetan designs are typically characterised by the concepts of love, peace and detachment.

shopCloisonne beads

Cloisonne is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects using enamel.

Cloisonne Beads are metal beads made from the cloisonne decorative techniques. Cloisonne beads tends to be vibrantly coloured and has a look that is instantly recognisable.

shopMetallic flowers

These metallic beads are in the shape of flowers.

shopDecorative Bells

Small bells for your jewellery designs, they make a ringing sound when shaken. All decorative bells have a small hole for threading wires, cords or chains.

Great for anklets and bracelets.