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(Sea) Shell & Pearls

Shell beads and pearls are one of the oldest types of beads, they have been used for decorative purposes since the dawn of humanity.

Shell beads and pearls come from a range of sea/freshwater shells and pearls.

To enhance the attractiveness some shell beads are dyed to give them colour.

shopNatural shell beads

Below are some examples of shell and pearl beads.


Pearls are organically grown within the soft tissue of a shelled mollusc. Due to the organic nature of pearls, the shape of pearls will vary.

shopNatural shell beadsFlat circle

Shell beads that are flat circular in shape.

shopNatural shell beadsOval

Shell beads that are oval in shape.

shopNatural shell beadsRound

Shell beads that are round shaped.

shopString of assortedshapes

Strings of shell beads in an assortment of shapes.

shopAssorted shapes

Individual shell beads in an assortment of shapes.