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Wooden beads are made from a variety of different wood. They can be cut into a range of different shapes and sometimes they are dyed to give them a particular colour.

Wooden beads are relatively light, so they can be useful for larger Jewellery pieces. Wooden beads are warm to the touch, which makes them comfortable to wear against the skin.

shopWooden beads

Below are some examples of wooden beads.

shopCloth and threadwrapped Bead

Wooden beads that are wrapped in cloth or in threads.

shopWooden beadsAssorted shapes

Wooden beads in an assortment of shapes.

shopWooden beadsCylindrical

Wooden beads that are cylindrical in shape.

shopWooden beadsDisc shape

Wooden beads that are disc shaped.

shopWooden beads - oval

Wooden beads that are oval shaped.

shopWooden beadsRound

Wooden beads that are round shaped.

shopWooden beadsTeardrop

Wooden beads that are teardrop shaped.