“  I LOVE your supplies of origami paper and have been using your papers in the University context for 3 years. I am taking it with me to the World Parliament of Religions in Salt Lake City and using it to lead a worshshop on Crafting Interfaith Community
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Guide to specially dyed nylon fabrics

This is the art of making flowers out of nylon. Accessory materials are also used such as flower stamens, florist wires, florist tapes.

There are a number of types of nylons that are used, each type of nylon has its own particular features.

Below is an explanation of the different types of nylon used to make nylon flowers.

These single colour nylons are the most popular and economic nylon for nylon flowers.

These nylons have been patterned with a rainbow of colours.

These nylons have been patterned with two horizontal colours.

These nylons have been patterned with two vertical colours.

These nylon have a striped pattern along the width of the nylon fabric. These nylons have a single colour.

These nylon have a striped pattern along the width of the nylon fabric, they are also coloured with two colours.

These nylon have pearlescent fibres (these fibres are short straight lines) in them that makes then scintillate in the light.

These nylon are dotted with shiny materials, to give a scintillating effect.
hallo, received your parcel today, soo glad it's very beautiful and i received it in time for my washi eggs workshop next monday will tell my clients to buy the paper by internet from your site! ordered some more a few minutes ago thanks a lot bye for now angenietha bos france Just wanted to say thank you, the paper is beautiful and came very quickly. regards
Catherine Frankish