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Rose bouquet gallery

Paper was invented in China two thousand years ago and has been used to express feelings ever since. These are hand made paper roses and flowers, made using paper folding techniques.
Sale currently on - many of our paper roses are on sale

Paper rose bouquet, Magenta
£35.89 £43.89

£35.89 £43.89
Paper rose bouquet for twelve roses Sale Price £43.94 RRP £53.94
Duo Kawasaki rose bouquets twelve roses Sale Price £27.89 RRP £33.89
Paper roses in gift box
Paper rose bouquet nine roses Sale Price £35.89 RRP £43.89
Kawasaki rose bouquets six roses Sale Price £21.89 RRP £25.89
Chinese roses and flowers

Pearl Kawasaki rose bouquets with twelve roses Sale Price £27.89 RRP £33.89

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