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How to make origami cranes

The crane, is an ancient Japanese symbol of long-life, hope, good luck and happiness.

The legend says that if 1000 cranes are folded, then a person who is ill will regain health. Sadako Sasaki was a young Japanese girl who suffered from leukemia because of the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima when she was two years old.

She believed the legend that if she could fold 1000 cranes, she would get well and her dreams of a long life would come true.

However, she was only able to fold 644 paper cranes before she died. Her school friends continued to fold 356 paper cranes on her behalf and scattered these cranes to the winds in the hope that Sasaki's story would inspire the world.

A group of one thousand paper cranes is called senbazuru in Japanese

Paper cranes are made from square origami papers.
Cranes are relatively easy to fold and are suitable for beginners.

Cranes can be made from various sizes of origami paper. The choice of paper size will determine the size of the crane.

The crane will be about half as high as the length of the paper that you are using.
For example if you are using origami paper with a size of 10cm by 10cm, then the crane will be about 5cm in height.

When making lots of cranes, quite often they will be strung up and hung from the ceilings or walls. Since ancient times, origami cranes have been a popular decoration for weddings.

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