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Beginners nylon flower making kit 2

Beginners nylon flower making kit 2
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Beginners nylon flower making kit 2
Price:  £17.69 £19.69
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This is a starter kit for those who are new to nylon flower making.

This kit contains all the materials needed to make:
1. Lily (See photo)
2. Nylon pumpkin (See photo)

Also included in the kit are the tools you need for making nylon flowers:
Plastic cylinders for Mesh flowers set, 8 pieces
Plier, Stainless steel, blue, 1 piece, 12.3cm x 6.5cm x 1cm

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More information on the nylon flower and butterfly that you can make with this kit:


Material: Wires and Nylon

Enough materials to make (number of flowers): 8

Number of stems: 13

Size when completed (diameter of flowers): 13cm

Height of each flower (bud and stem): 40cm

Petals colour: Yellow, pink

Completed flower: See the circled area in the photo.

Does not include:
The accessories in the area outside of the circled area (For example, the vase).

Sample video content:

Press play on the screen below to see a sample of the instruction video.

Nylon Pumpkin

Material: Wires and Nylon

Enough materials to make number of Pumpkin: 4

Size of item when completed (approximately): 11cm x 9cm

Colour: See photo

Sample video content:

Press play on the screen below to see a sample of the instruction video.

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